Game Programming and Game Development Tutorials at Mr. GameMaker (Update)

Hello there!

My name is Gary Simmons and I am the owner and proprietor of Those of you who fondly remember our heydey, will recall that
we had a fair few free tutorials that covered game development, and in particular, game programming. I suspect that if you are reading this, you probably
made your way here as a result of a search on one of these terms. Well, either that, or you are an old fan who bookmarked us dropping by to see if we are still here.
As you can see, we are not. However, I am still quite actively involved in game programming and am developing new instructional material in lots of new areas
as a result of my teaching gig over at the Game Institute (where I've been for over ten years now).

So, really that just begs the question... what are you doing hanging around here? :)

Seriously though, if you are interested in having a quick browse, the most popular offerings for game developers at the Game Institute are listed below:

Game Development
Game Programming
Game Art and Design
Game Development Software

I hope that you'll consider coming by and checking us out. I personally think GI offers the best game development training you can find anywhere.
I won't pretend not to be a little biased, but if you come check out the site, I think you'll find what I'm saying pans out.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Kind Regards,

Gary Simmons
Instructor - 3D Graphics and Game Engine Programming
Instructor - Unity3D Game Development

The Original Mr.GameMaker :)

P.S. For those who might be interested, I've had some people write me over the years asking whether the old message boards are still available.
Believe it or not they are still out there and, to my great surprise, still get a little bit of activity every now and again. You can
find them on at Mr-GameMaker Forums.